About Us

Team Structure

Team 2658 is built through a simple and effective leadership structure. Our team is split up into 5 different subteams: Build, Design, Software, Electrical, and Marketing/Business. Each subteam provides the training and ability for every single member and allows them to strive based on their participation and commitment to our team. Elected subteam leads manage their respective subteams and plan out their training goals. Above the leads lie the executives-President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Advisors- where managerial responsibilities are dispersed. Our mentors play an important role in our upbringing as a team, their assistance and guidance to the team's decisions and current skills.



Software manages the development and operations of the team app and website, as well as writing, testing, and deploying robot code


Marketing handles all business aspects of the team, including grants, organizing outreach events, and desiginng team merchandise


Design brainstorms and designs the robot, utilizing CAD and dimensional thinking


Build works closely with design to handle the mechanical aspects of the robot and troubleshoot mechanical issues


Electrical does the wiring and configuration of the electrical components of the robot, and handles pneumatics


Student executives help every other subteam and handle all the other aspects of running our team, including finances, communication, coordination, and much more

Student Leadership

Electrical Leads

  • Jaden Trinidad
  • Rithik Ohri
  • Robert Morrison

Build Leads

  • Roy Maldonaldo
  • Radhika Patil

Software Leads

  • Peyton Slape
  • Nathan Gillespie

Marketing Leads

  • Shravya Hatathodi
  • Evan Lee

Design Lead

  • Neev Daga


  • President: Garrett Sayson
  • Vice President: Arshan Shokoohi
  • Vice President: Simeon Kim
  • Treasurer: Vedanth Kuruvadi
  • Secretary: Sophia Newton

Advisors and Mentors

Katherine Rumsey


Brian Dunlea


Evengy Korol


Clifford Harrison


Stanly Kudinov


Sherveen Shokoohi


Michael Ballinger


Sharon Kim


Shana Bunker


Veerabhadram Devi


Jason Ballinger



Karan Thakkar

President, 2023-2024

Vice President, 2022-2023

Meghna Rath

Vice President, 2023-2024

John Chang

President, 2022-2023

Vice President, 2021-2022

Keshav Narasimma

President, 2021-2022

Vice President, 2020-2021

Toshko Andreev

President, 2020-2021

Vice President, 2019-2020

Krish Thakkar

President, 2020-2021

Vice President, 2019-2020

Beni Korol

President, 2019-2020

Vice President, 2018-2019

Andrew da Cunha

President, 2018-2019

Vice President, 2017-2018

Anmol Seth

President, 2017-2018

Vice President, 2016-2017

Nicolas Wiscour-Conter

President, 2016-2017

Vice President, 2015-2016

Mario Maldonado-Santos

President, 2015-2016

Nikhil Shinde

Vice President, 2014-2015

Yashes Srinivasan

President, 2014-2015

Vice President, 2013-2014

Nithin Dharmaraj

President, 2023-2014

Aditya Zadgaonkar

President, 2012-2013

Eric Hammon

Vice President, 2012-2013

Karthik Jayakumar

President, 2011-2012

Wassim Alsafi

Vice President, 2011-2012

Paul Warren

President, 2010-2011

Zachary Forster

President, 2009-2010

Sahar Mesri

Vice President, 2009-2011

Jay Dey

President, 2008-2009

Richard Lin

Vice President, 2008-2009

President, 2007-2008